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Substance Abuse Care Management

University Behavioral Associates has two programs funded by New York City's Human Resources Administration (HRA) to provide evaluation and case management services to public assistance recipients in the Bronx. Our longest running program is UBA CSM (Comprehensive Services Model), located in the Wakefield section of the Bronx. Our newer program is UBA Next Steps, located in the Hub section of the Bronx. Together these programs serve 1,100 clients.

Since our program started in 2001, we have helped nearly 20,000 clients in their recovery from drugs and alcohol. Our goal is to assist clients engage in treatment, become clinically stable, and ultimately self-sufficient through employment.

Our substance abuse case management program is guided by the belief that people can recover from substance abuse problems and lead healthy and productive lives. In fact, research shows that treatment works even for those who at first might resist it. We also believe that work very much defines who we are and that people who are committed to both treatment and work have better outcomes than those who are focused on only one area. We will assess your treatment and vocational needs and help you devise a comprehensive recovery plan.

You may wish to join the thousands of other people in the Bronx whom we have helped on their road to recovery and self-sufficiency.

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