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Ms. B came to UBA, at age 52 with a history of abusing many drugs. She was unemployed, had no stable place to live, and had little job training or experience. She worked hard at her treatment program and became stable enough to begin training as a Nurse Technician. Six months later, Ms. B completed her training and passed her licensing exam. With hard work and dedication, Ms. B found full time employment at a major hospital in the Bronx. Once employed, she received over $500 in UBA employment awards, and worked with her Case Manager to continue her Medicaid benefits until she was eligible for healthcare benefits through her job. Ms. B remains employed full time and was able to rent an apartment. She reports she is happy with her job and is proud of how far she has come.

When Mr. W came to UBA, he was 47 and was using crack, marijuana and alcohol regularly. As a result of his use, he had fallen behind on his rent, had been evicted, and was living in a shelter. He was referred to a substance abuse treatment program and was able to get clean in a few months. During that period, his UBA Case Manager helped him complete a housing application and eventually he got an apartment of his own. He also was able to get a job as a housing specialist. He stated that because of the help he got from UBA, he was now able to help other people who are homeless.

Mr. A was 44 when he first came to UBA. At the time, he had been homeless for 2 years, living on the street or in various shelters, halfway houses, and residential substance abuse treatment programs. He had a long history of substance abuse, as well as a variety of neurological and psychiatric problems. During his work with his UBA Case Manager, Mr. A. was able to successfully complete an outpatient substance abuse program, but remained in a methadone maintenance program where he continued to receive medical and psychiatric care. UBA also helped Mr. A. apply for and receive SSI benefits, and helped place him in transitional housing for people who have successfully completed substance abuse treatment programs. Shortly before leaving UBA, Mr. A. also enrolled in VESID training program in preparation for work.



"The Evaluation Team was very helpful and friendly." Client M..A..

"My Case Manager never gave up on me. Now I'm clean for the first time in my life." Client D.J.

I'm so happy that I'm working. But, I'm sad to leave UBA because they helped me so much." Client M..H..

"My Case Manager got me into a really good training program so I could get a job." Client G.C..

"I wish I could refer all of my clients to UBA." Substance Abuse Counselor A.R.

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