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Supporting Healthy Relationships

Empowering couples to achieve family and financial success

Want to have a great relationship?
Then come to University Behavioral Associates Supporting Healthy Relationships Program! Our mission is to help couples understand how to form and maintain better relationships, to become better parents for their children, and to achieve family and financial success.

Explore ways to:

  • Talk about tough topics

  • Listen and be heard

  • Manage stress

  • Handle conflict

  • Manage finances
  • Cope with the kids

  • Have fun together as a family

What is Supporting Healthy Relationships?

  • A National, Federally Funded "Marriage and Relationship Education" Program

  • Supporting Healthy Relationships consists of weekly evening workshops for 10 weeks, couples employment services, and "booster" sessions on a variety of topics (e.g. Preventing Harmful Fights, Staying Close, Managing Stress, Fun & Play, Compromise).

  • Supporting Healthy Relationships is a place to build and practice core relationship skills through discussion, teaching, peer-to-peer learning, and workshop-style practice with the help of clinically trained (Master's and Ph.D. level) male-female marriage educators

  • We use a well-researched curriculum (Loving Couples, Loving Children), based on 20+ years of research by psychologist Dr. John Gottman, a top expert in the field of marriage, relationships, and parenting.

  • Couples are offered comprehensive employment and career services to empower them to achieve family and financial success.

  • Couples also attend "Extended Activities" (e.g. Social Night, Family Activities, Employment workshops, additional life-management workshops) designed to enhance a sense of community and ensure couples maintain relationship, parenting, and family financial gains.

  • Groups now offered in SPANISH!!!

What are the perks?

  • ITS FUN! Meet new couples from the community and also spend quality time with your spouse. Couples refer to our workshops as their weekly "date nights"

  • ITS FREE! Plus, full meals, childcare reimbursements and Metrocards provided at each activity.

  • IT WORKS! Since 2007, over 700 couples have strengthened their relationship, reduced stress, and spent quality time together at our program!

What Are The Eligibility Criteria?

  • Both partners must be 18 or over in a committed relationship

  • Couple must have at least one biological or adopted child under the age of 18 living in the home, or be expecting a child

For questions, more information, or to refer a couple to the program, speak with a Supporting Healthy Relationships Recruiter at 347-920-6078 or 914-268-7933.

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