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University Behavioral Associates Supporting Healthy Relationship Program wants to get to know you and support you as you build a solid foundation for your family.

See for yourself what program graduates say below.

Couples Corner
Michael and I were on our way to terminating our marriage when we registered for the workshops. We had made a conscious decision that if the workshops didn't help, we would just go ahead and end the marriage (it was that serious). The workshops were a blessing. The facilitators (Laura and Bruce) were genuine; they not only demonstrated knowledge of their field but showed a concern that made us feel cared for by this program. Family coordinators were also as-signed to each couple. Our family coordinator (Luis) was great. He gave us a call every week to see how we were doing and would give a friendly reminder of the next scheduled workshop. He also researched additional ser-vices available to us should we need more one on one. These workshops provided us with tools that we needed to help get through the tough times without causing each other irreparable harm. We learned to cope with difficult situations with more structure and care. They provided us with communication skills that were helpful in getting our point across without feeling awkward or disrespecting each other. Every week we were provided with a forum to openly discuss the difficulties we had experienced in between workshops and how using these skills got us through them. Having the workshops as a group with other couples helped us to realize we were not unique. Other couples shared many of the same situations. I would recommend these workshops to any couple that is looking to improve on the marriage, even if your marriage isn't in crisis. I am grateful to say that Michael and I are still together and plan on staying that way.
Ana and Mike

Couples Corner
Nicholas and I met in my aunt's house when I was visiting my cousin and Nick was doing handyman work. His parents owned the building. There was a close-knit group of youth on the block in the summer time and Nicholas joined the group. We started to spend time together, away from the group. Being with Nick felt safe and relaxing. Nick behaved with the utmost respect as a person, which matched my personal and core values. When winter came and the group started to stay inside more, it became difficult not to be together. We realized that our time together was very beneficial to each of us and it became difficult to get back to our lives as we knew them before we met.

Nicholas and I are still together because we are both committed to conducting the daily work needed to keep the growth and the preservation of the relationship. We put aside our own individual needs and wants in order to protect the needs of the other. For each of us the couple is more important than each separate individual. One does for the other what they cannot do for themselves alone. We take care of the emotional, physical, and social needs of the other in order to have a healthy marriage and sustain the attacks of daily living. We continue to learn and practice new ways and positive acts to support a healthy relationship and keep it fresh.

Supporting Healthy Marriage has helped by providing the opportunity to come together with other couples. We learned the science that promotes a healthy marriage and learned to
minimize the thought patterns that damage and put a strain on the life support of the marriage. The process gave us the opportunity to share and practice new ways to interact with one another to keep the marriage in good health and counteract the damage done by daily responsibility stressors.

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